Austin woman shoots boyfriend while posing for Snapchat photo with gun

Autumn King, 20, dialed 911 within minutes of shooting her boyfriend, Eric Allen, 26, with whom she shared a home off Parmer Lane near Metric Blvd.

King says she didn’t mean to shoot Allen. She pulled the trigger while posing for a Snapshat photo midday on Dec. 23.

“Allen, who held King’s phone up with his hand, was going to take a Snapchat photo of her when she accidentally pulled the trigger,” Austin Police said in a statement after her arrest Monday.

The gun used in the shooting, a tan assault rifle, belonged to Allen. “Allen frequently left guns around the house where kids could access them,” police said in a report, citing King’s testimony.

Two small children were in the home at the time of the shooting. King told detectives that her father had always told her never to touch a gun. “I didn’t listen,” she added.

King faces a manslaughter charge in Travis County Court.